Do you want to give a gift for a special occasion that is truly unique? Why not commission a piece of music especially for them? Perfect for landmark birthdays, christenings, weddings, and other significant events.

Laura is an award winning composer of Manx fiddle tunes, and has been writing tunes for her friends and family for many years.

Each composition will be completely unique, and will be composed to order. You have the following options of how the composition can be presented:
– basic package: a computer generated copy of the tune
– handwritten package – a hand written copy of the tune

To either of these packages you could add:
– frame: the composition will be presented in a beautiful wooden frame with a celtic knotwork design (handcrafted in the Isle of Man)
– CD: a professional recording of the tune.

Or you could order the deluxe package, which includes either a printed or a handwritten copy, frame, CD and presentation box

Prices start from £50. Email us for a specific quote.

If you would like to commission a tune for someone, you’ll need to provide the following information:
– who the tune is for
– what the event is that the present is for
– what the date of the event is
– you may also want to specify a title for the composition, or include a message to them.

Have a listen to some of the tunes Laura has written.

Laa Biol y Theihll

iPhone March

Sheena’s Waltz/Bump

The copyright of the music remains with the composer, Laura Rowles (PRS)

Thank you to Culture Vannin for permission to use ‘iPhone March’ and ‘Sheena’s Waltz/Bump’. These tracks are available on the CD ‘Blass’, available from